About Ethonomics

The term ethonomics refers principally to the situation where ethical and economic (i.e. financial) concerns are appropriately balanced in context.

Ethonomics represents an area encompassing economics but in which the terms of reference have been widened from:

• considerations only of price (and also quality, range and service);

• to also include ethical issues, appropriately weighted against current economic priorities.

The inclusion and this type of extension of economics shows that ethonomics has the potential to be a rich, influential and multi-faceted academic area.

The growth of interest in areas such as corporate social responsibility, fair trade and microfinance underline the growing interest in this area.

In today’s world the pivotal significance of ethonomics is shown by problems such as global warming, pollution, and human inequalities fostered by elements such as disparities in wages or standards of working conditions.


Ethonomics is also the name of this organisation.

2 thoughts on “About Ethonomics”

  1. For me, this is a key phrase on this page – ” appropriately balanced in context”. I am hoping to observe your definition in depth! The term appropriate can be quite ambiguous.

  2. I am joyful in having learned a new word today. Though the concept is far from foreign to me, I am excited to have an accepted term for this particular facet of being a US citizen, and indeed a global citizen. I am always curious about the etymology of a new word. This word, ethonomics, is nearly self-explanatory. Nearly every time I broach the subject of ethics in politics or economy, I get that “What planet are you from?” look. In most North American’s minds, the two are unable to harmonize, incapable of blending, and completely separate. Of course our current economy is dependent upon politics, not ethics. I am slightly left of center in the political arena; and I am a person of integrity, honor and compassion with a well developed sense of true justice. I want to say thanks for developing a name for one of my pet peeves, and for working to eradicate the ignorant belief that our economy and infrastructure are the most important things on the planet. If we have no people and no planet, we have no economy and need no infrastructure. Now I have commented, I will find out who you really are! 😉

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